Between Andy’s strong bonds to the First Responders in his family, and a collective respect and appreciation for all that our First Responders do for our communities, EZEC® is committed to supporting our First Responders.  EZEC® endeavors to do this in several ways: 

  • Provide mental health and wellness tools and resources to first responders via the EZEC® app. 
  • Provide fundraising assistance by partnering with volunteer fire departments to provide EZEC® Medical ID Jewelry and related products for sale. 
  • Initiative 18 – a long-term goal of EZEC® to give back to fire departments. Initiative 18 is founded in the memory of Andy’s late cousin, William DeMarco, a paramedic who died of a sudden cardiac event caused by a perfect storm of genetics, the unforgiving nature of his work, and life’s stress. 18 is the sum of the numbers on his badge, and in his memory and in earnest effort to assist first responders, EZEC® hopes to provide grants to local fire departments to support the mental health and wellness of their first responders. 

If your Department is interested in partnering with EZEC®, contact us at