Andy and Manos are active and devoted members of the jewelry community. One of their primary goals when creating EZEC was to build a business model that could partner with jewelers, large and small, to help support and rebuild their sector after the difficult years of the Great Recession and now, the pandemic. EZEC strives to do this by licensing our technology to designers, allowing them to design and sell their own unique pieces in their shops and on the EZEC online marketplace. Instead of mass manufacturing our products in-house, by creating a national and international network of artisans, we are providing our customers with jewelry designs to match their style, and giving those artisans a platform to showcase and sell their work.

By including jewelry designers and manufacturers, producing in both small and large quantities, EZEC ensures the Client has access to an almost endless possibility of choices. This reflects the personal style of the Client and helps us all defeat the stigma of having a medical condition. Something that 40% of all Americans have to overcome.

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