Chris Ploof Designs featured in Forbes, including EZEC-enabled pendants.


Forbes’ Kyle Roderick interviewed Chris Ploof of Chris Ploof Designs ahead of the 2023 JCK Las Vegas show to discuss his innovative use of ancient metalworking techniques in modern jewelry. He also discusses his partnership with EZEC, incorporating our EZEC technology into his designs to create life-saving medical IDs.

Excerpt from the article:

Ploof, who is showing in the JCK Design Collective this June 1- 5 at JCK Las Vegas, also makes sleek 18-karat gold and Damascus steel pendants that are embedded with secure near field communication (NFC) chips. Made by medical ID company [EZEC, Inc.], each NFC chip in one of Ploof’s pendants stores an individual’s crucial medical data, including blood type, drug allergies, chronic health conditions, etc. While NFC normally never works with metal, Ploof explains, “There is no metal between the chip where the NFC logo is placed on the pendant, so the technology works quite well. The chip can literally store pages of medical data,” he continues. “It’s quite a thought that a chip built into one of our pendants might just save a life. And, you’ll look good wearing it until it does.”

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Chris Ploof Designs: Luxury Jewels Embody The Past, Present And Future – Forbes (