Finally, smart and beautiful medical ID jewelry

Incorporating technology and collaborating with world-class designers to evolve beyond traditional, engraved medical ID jewelry.
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Fine Jewelry & Medical ID
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Automatically alert your emergency contacts

How Does EZEC Work?

Securely connecting you and your medical information to first responders and emergency medical teams in a time of need!

Be Connected!

You're loved ones are a notification away.
  • Notify

    When your EZEC piece of Medical ID Jewelry is scanned by an authorized first responder, your emergency contacts are immediately notified.

  • Privacy

    You control the information you share! If the jewelry is scanned by someone who is not registered in our system as a responder or medical professional, limited personal and medical information will be displayed.

  • Medical Professionals

    Our EZEC app securely gives first responders a deeper level of personal and medical information.

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“By creating a complete solution for jewelers, we can help them improve the lives of their customers, while growing their sales.”

Manos Phoundoulakis, EZEC Co-Founder

Be You!

Each EZEC Medical ID Jewelry item has a secure, unique identifier that ties it to your personal information. When you setup your EZEC account, you details what makes you uniquely... you.

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Be Free!

EZEC allows you to take your secure medical information with you wherever you go. Our HIPAA-compliant system ensures that your information is secure and shared on your terms.

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Be Connected!

EZEC allows you to securely store your emergency contacts, medical team, and caregiver information in our system, and will automatically alert your contacts in the event of an emergency.

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