Manos comes from a family steeped in jewelry, entrepreneurship, and innovation.  A native of Greece who moved to the United States as a child, he witnessed his father and uncles build successful businesses in the jewelry industry from nothing. Following their example, but finding his own path, Manos spent years working with fine jewelry and rare gems in sales and business development for multiple award-winning designers. 

Manos met Andy in 2019 at a Gemology Networking event.  Over the next year Andy and Manos worked on several projects and developed a friendship. In the early days of the pandemic, despite still struggling with an inability to clearly communicate, Andy relayed his story and ideas to Manos.  Manos, a Type 1 diabetic, quickly grasped the concept and importance of the idea, and reached back out to Andy. With Manos’s unique but overlapping skillset he had some ideas that would make EZEC® an even greater solution for medical ID. So the collaboration began.

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Manos is the President of the Rocky Mountain Guild of the American Gemological Society, Ambassador to the HardRock Summit in Denver, and a member WJA since 2002.

Picture of Manos Phoundoulakis